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  3. Weird, I thought that was his collection of sex toys.
  4. Wonder if he still lives beside the motocross track so we can hear the sweet hums.... Welcome back RD!
  5. What more do you want at least they put it on a map..
  6. I'd like to get XPlane, but I don't feel like paying $30 for detailed maps for Alaska, and only getting Anchorage. No Merrill, no Palmer, Wasilla, etc.
  7. i Got Stardew Valley, been hearing good reviews about it, although controls are very odd. Looking at Arma3 DLC pack 2 & XPlane 11
  8. I was able to talk my self out of the store last night as Arma3 put the new map out for free yesterday as well. 6.5 Gb of slow loading made it possible.
  9. I don't want him, he chirps all the time.
  10. Which game is that, Anti? Killing Floor, or did you pick up something else? I grabbed Sniper Elite V4 and the Disney Infinity Gold Bundle so far.
  11. One game down... Such a pain that i got paid by work today
  12. Damn it... @SCE_The Fuzz, hide yo woman...
  13. Hey everyone! I know its been along time! But i'm back for the most part! Its summer time so i'll be able to game a little more often again. Hope everyone is doing well, and hope to see you in TS
  14. Unrelated to the Steam Sale, but still interesting. Killing Floor for free on Humble Bundle for another day or so.
  15. The Steam Summer Sale for 2017 has started. Steam is in a complete state of meltdown at the moment, which is impressive. Lock up your wallets, folks. Post anything nifty you find here, maybe we can find another good group game, or sales on games that people are already playing so we can get more folks in. Cheers!
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  17. I played for about 20 minutes, amusing. Meh.
  18. WoW has a fun event going called 'Operation Juno' and I'm looking for others to join since teamwork is hella necessary. Tiers 5 & 6 only though.
  19. It's not a P2W type of deal.... Everything in there you can get by crafting. The shop is just a short cut and the weapons and equipment in there are not like one shot god guns either.
  20. Sadly I was done with Crossout in about fifteen minutes. While I can see matching and tuning vehicles being fun, when I looked at the cash shop I kind of just said NOPE.
  21. Checkin' it out.
  22. It is free.
  23. Nobody here drops the "C" word better than Trashman! LOL Glad you are doing well Bro!
  24. Believe it when I see it.
  25. Too bad. So sad.
  26. Can we stop with the greasing of the fresh one's? We are absolutely not "good old boys", except for Ace who is a big fan of the movie Deliverance. If you want to "test the waters" make sure you actually hang out with people who have SCE tags on. This is the group you are joining, not the loose group of "associates" that prowl our Teamspeak
  27. Trash- Top of the board on the right in the main page. Click Unread Content It sorts most recent to most aged. You will see a fair volume of posts. Teamspeak is also an excellent place to hang out and speak to your SCE pals.
  28. Ky glad to see you playing again. Don't trust Vile. He just wants your bum.
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