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  3. Am I in the club? :(

    i miss the old days... sucks that it's not legal to preform those acts in most countries now... oh well
  4. Am I in the club? :(

    And also- Shut the fuck up recruit. You will speak when spoken to and live when told to breath. Dont make us haze you like the old days....:)
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  6. Am I in the club? :(

    Fuzz has more important things to do, like getting married. Just be patient and look for him in TS when he comes back.
  7. Am I in the club? :(

    I wish to be in this exclusive club What happened to all the love from deadeye and crazy and inigio I guess there are already too many Canadians in the club eh dam

    He talks the game up really well in this video. It has it's quirks for sure, but Warframe doesn't dumb things down for everyone either. Like an onion it has layers. I didn't care for the game when it came out, but 4 years later it's pretty good.

    My thoughts exactly.
  10. Ludum Dare

    Great job Spets. Makes me think of Asteroid, but better.
  11. Ludum Dare

    What? The? Heck? What is Ludum Dare? Well, it's a game development competition. There are two contests, Jam and Compo. Jam is for teams, Compo is for individuals. There are some other restrictions, but the most important part is that you have only 48 hours to create an entire game from scratch (no pre-existing assets, sounds, etc) for the Compo, and 72 hours for the Jam (Jam gets to use pre-existing stuff too). Well, I joined in. This was my second time trying, although last time I didn't finish so I didn't submit anything. This is the link to my game. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'm going to continue to develop on it, although it will be in a different location since the Compo is done. I will make a different placeholder as I add more features. Different kinds of power drops (more power means longer games!) Smarter enemies Improved graphics Improved sound effects Soundtrack Different dynamics to pick up energy pods Just to name a few. Anyway, figured I'd share with you lot, and maybe get someone excited to participate next time. They run about 3 or 4 times a year, so keep an eye on it!
  12. After years of operating boats over 15 horsepower without a license I've finally acquired a license. Doesn't feel the same.

  13. ARGO?

    Yeah i have Arma 3, just been struggling to find a game mode thats kept me interested
  14. ARGO?

    Anti, if you have ARMA 3 Eagle recently picked it up and I play it too. So does a couple of other members on Escape.
  15. Just saying Hello

  16. Just saying Hello

    HELLO everyone
  17. ARGO?

    Just checked out Argo myself, Looks interesting, Would be keen to play this as a group, looks fun without having to find 30+ players
  18. ARGO?

    OK so I checked out ARGO. nice game but very hard, you definitely need a group that knows hwo to play together. I finally checked out ARMA 3. yes I am now an ARMA 3 player I held off for the longest time since operation flashpoint was a complete disaster for me. this game has come a long way. anyways bought the full game with all DLC's except jets for 23$ I also bought operation cold front for 99c
  19. ARGO?

    I'm down for it if this is going to be a thing.
  20. ARGO?

    ok I was looking at the videos for each and reading reviews ARGO and ARMA 3 are very similar. Argo does have a little nicer graphics with smoother visuals argo allows for 5v5 or 10 coop.
  21. ARGO?

    Yeah its the same company, but I don't know how much of a improvement on graphics it is
  22. ARGO?

    looking at this game too. looks like an updated arma. its from the same makers any thoughts on this ?
  23. I'm Back!

  24. I'm Back!

    Weird, I thought that was his collection of sex toys.
  25. I'm Back!

    Wonder if he still lives beside the motocross track so we can hear the sweet hums.... Welcome back RD!
  26. Steam Summer Sale 2017

    What more do you want at least they put it on a map..
  27. Steam Summer Sale 2017

    I'd like to get XPlane, but I don't feel like paying $30 for detailed maps for Alaska, and only getting Anchorage. No Merrill, no Palmer, Wasilla, etc.
  28. Steam Summer Sale 2017

    i Got Stardew Valley, been hearing good reviews about it, although controls are very odd. Looking at Arma3 DLC pack 2 & XPlane 11
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