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  1. Hey admin idk if u got my msg because i lost connectionn when i sent it but can u please look over my purchase for rustopia premium  ive been waiting a while.

    1. SCE_Ghost


      Come on TS


  2. I'm Grateful

    Yeah it was cancer battle that went on for awhile, we all miss his old ass rassp
  3. Looking to reconnect

    Holy shit whats up Doc! It has been awhile. Did you not register your account?
  4. Joining

    Aww snowflake I left you a reply on the steam group page. Man you're gonna feel really fucking stupid once you realize the server your fucking with. Btw I checked your hours you could be playing now with none of this becoming an issue. So here is the deal. You apologize for being an over reactive retard and I let you play without any further issues OR you continue your stupid crybaby ranting and I assure you, your populated server choice will get significantly less. BTW you keep acting like this god of Ark, again I think you should learn your place
  5. New to you guys

    Been a pleasure, your welcome anytime around these parts
  6. I done fucked myself good.

    Its just a collar bone suck it up pussy
  7. Hey bud, are rustopia vip slots for us supposed to be out of stock?

    1. SCE_Ghost


      There is 65 non premium and 35 premium - if they are sold out its not us showing its sold out. So good for us not so good for you atm. Check everyday, as slots exp it will open more.


    2. DeTaiLz


      Alrighty, thanks :D

    3. DeTaiLz


      If you could check out my order :P that would be great haha

  8. TS3 isn't working again

    Fuzz has been working with NFO to get the ip unbanned 3 times now. Eagle have you ran a full A/V to see if your broadcasting a zombie slave. Something isnt right with your ip. Also call your ISP and see if you can get a new ip, tell them your getting attacked constantly or something. Also check you wi-fi to see if neighbor bob isnt hacking your signal and doing stupid shit. @Trash we are not on some cheap 5/m rental server, we pay almost 200/m for a full dedicated box that runs only Rust, there is no way that TS is the problem here. Maybe, just maybe if you came on once a year you would know whats going on. Just saying...
  9. Looking for players.

    Sounds like fun.
  10. Unfortunate News.

    Holy shit, man be safe.. Keep us up to date
  11. Whats Up My little Biatches....

    Holy Shit old man you gotta be like 70 now right? Miss ya brother def get on and say hello!
  12. Crying for car lovers...

    Sound effects are spot on
  13. An answer to my question

    I only see your question
  14. I'm Grateful

    LOL you put your name as Viv
  15. I'm Grateful

    I know I said it was for you and your wife, but use it for whatever you need. We are always here for you, even more so when you need it most. Known you along time brother and I'm honored to call you my friend. If there is anything we can do just say it.