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  1. Weird, I thought that was his collection of sex toys.
  2. Sadly I was done with Crossout in about fifteen minutes. While I can see matching and tuning vehicles being fun, when I looked at the cash shop I kind of just said NOPE.
  3. Checkin' it out.
  4. Believe it when I see it.
  5. Yesterday I quit my job without notice because management pretty much fucked me over, no lube. This morning after the first normal nights sleep I have truly had in three years I feel amazing.
  6. I'm glad to see we are still keeping it classy in here.
  7. I accidentally did that earlier today. Apparently not all the coastal water is water.
  8. BALLS.
  9. So many face palms, so little time.
  10. HEX! Anti says he misses you!
  11. Ark <> Rust GG /popcorn
  12. Well in the mean time give Foxy hugs for us.
  13. That's great and all, but when are we going to see Foxy again?
  14. Decent.
  15. True, I quit playing MWO after I did the math to see how much money I had spent cumulatively on the game since release. I had a problem with buying all the shiny.