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  1. It is free.
  2. Ah..never noticed that.
  3. What makes you say that?
  4. Ha! Sexy eh?
  5. Something about this new site just doesn't get me wanting to go to the forums. The old site for some reason (in my eyes) was better and more interesting.
  6. I am Superman!
  7. HA!
  8. Cod 4 RM! You have to!
  9. I want to game with you not chat on the website!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Nice to see some new tags!
  11. Nov 24 - Dec 23...learn how to read!
  12. LoL so far, its been downloadable pictures ang gifs LOL.
  13. Ubisoft is giving away free things for 30 days for their 30th anniversary.
  14. Get on teamspeak and talk to bubba