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  1. ARGO?

    Yeah its the same company, but I don't know how much of a improvement on graphics it is
  2. Steam Summer Sale 2017

    What more do you want at least they put it on a map..
  3. Steam Summer Sale 2017

    I was able to talk my self out of the store last night as Arma3 put the new map out for free yesterday as well. 6.5 Gb of slow loading made it possible.
  4. I'm Back!

    I don't want him, he chirps all the time.
  5. TS Phantoming

    We are, you are welcome to hang around an meet some of the guys and jump in some PUBG games with us. Reach out to my self of Ghost if you need TS permissions.
  6. Hello

    Probably the fact his forum group has changed. Anyways trash its nice to see back around! I'm glad work is keeping you busy and bringing in the money. Hop in ts some time if you get some time would love to chat a bit, its been a long time.
  7. Greetings

    KY, Nice to see you around again! I've kinda kept up with you on facebook but have been swamped with work really You getting on ts anytime soon?
  8. I QUIT! (my job yesterday.)

    GOOD! Maybe I can meet up with you in the coming weeks and get a drink now your not working nights!
  9. How many times can Lbrooks bash his head?

    Oh wow, brooks go back to the tutorial on how to play....
  10. Back and Running!

    who the hell are you two?!
  11. New to you guys

    Well, you know as long as I get to fly we will be fine
  12. TS3 isn't working again

    Thats my Question Shade!
  13. TS3 isn't working again

    Its 100% our host that blocks it at the data center. Its been flagged 3 diffrent times for partrispatcting in a DDOS attack on the NFO network. It's not that its blocked for just our server it's blocked for any servers hosted by NFO. I have gone in and put in support tickets each time and the last time was the last time they were willing to remove it and it took over a week to get that to happen. What it comes down to is, out of all the rust players (1500 a week) no one else is having connection issues and out of all the members no one else is having issues getting on. So that that comes down to is this 1. The hosting company is lying and just picking random addresses to block 2. Someone is spoofing eagles IP during an attack and he's just that unlucky 3. Something on eagles network is vulnerable / being used in ddos attacks.
  14. Teamspeak and rust?

    Not everyone is, you as a member have more permissions than others to see that kind of info. They can't spam TS if you are in a pre made channel below game of the month unless you make it yourself and don't set a join power.
  15. TS3 isn't working again

    Yeah, let me send in a ticket, sorry for the delay Macquee