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  1. Am I in the club? :(

    Fuzz has more important things to do, like getting married. Just be patient and look for him in TS when he comes back.
  2. I'm Back!

    Wonder if he still lives beside the motocross track so we can hear the sweet hums.... Welcome back RD!
  3. Crossout is now open beta.

    It's not a P2W type of deal.... Everything in there you can get by crafting. The shop is just a short cut and the weapons and equipment in there are not like one shot god guns either.
  4. Greetings

    Ky glad to see you playing again. Don't trust Vile. He just wants your bum.
  5. Hello

    Good to see you're still alive and kickin old man! Come on around sometime.
  6. New to you guys

    I just have to say yes. And you have to come play with us. Maybe
  7. Yo Yoyo's

    Well shit..... What's up WIlley? Yes GR does bring em back. Long time no freakin see.
  8. Make SCE forums great again

    See you just answered your own question. You asked Brooks why he has that.... Because he's Brooks.
  9. I QUIT! (my job yesterday.)

    Good on you Shade. Best of luck in the future.
  10. Make SCE forums great again

    Spets loves man butts. I hear him say it all the time.
  11. Make SCE forums great again

    Here here! I'll post mine butt I need to see yours <---- see what I did there, like a ninja
  12. How many times can Lbrooks bash his head?

    Oh that was funny. He did it once more I believe until he understood. Nice clip Droid.
  13. Make SCE forums great again

    Dicks, all dicks, all day.
  14. I don't think i'm gettting my twitch account back

    That sucks man.
  15. Alberta Economy

    I'm gonna poke you in the face if you don't get me my money JackHole! Also quit being a bitch playing the Sims....