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  1. Ludum Dare

    Great job Spets. Makes me think of Asteroid, but better.
  2. TS Phantoming

    We are bunch of good old boys, so come in and say hey.
  3. I QUIT! (my job yesterday.)

    Best of luck in the future. Maybe this is the opening to greater and better things.
  4. I don't think i'm gettting my twitch account back

    I am sorry to hear about that Anti. Damn hackers piss me off.
  5. How many times can Lbrooks bash his head?

  6. TS3 isn't working again

    Fair warning, keep your firmware updated.
  7. welcome aboard new members

    Welcome amigos.
  8. I'm Grateful

    RIP Brother.
  9. I done fucked myself good.

    Ouch. Heal up quick.
  10. BF1 PS4 Gameplay

    I watched a video Brooks recorded. He did a round in nothing but a tank. The game does look impressive, but I also noted some improvements that I would like implemented with the tanks. Repairs to the tank should not fix the tank completely after being damaged multiple times. Shit gets worn out and some things are just not repairable. Also, a limited amount of shells for the tank seems appropriate instead of constantly replenishing ammo. I can understand machine gun ammo better, but not tank shells. Well those are my thoughts.
  11. Suppp Boyz..

    Yo Cobb. How has life been treating you. You need to pop on TS one day.
  12. Grown Up Gamer

    This was a really good article on Kotaku about becoming a Grown Up gamer. This article hits just about everything for me. :lol:
  13. Battlefield 1 Beta

    Here is some new footage of BF1.
  14. Just a few VR games, if no one else has the Vive

    Nice vid. The last two games must have been exhaustive, since you have to dodge. I would love to get a Vive, but it just not in the cards at the moment. :lol:
  15. Table Top

    It is a good deal.