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    Monday -- PUBG Server: TBD Tuesday -- Battlefield Server: TBD Wednesday -- Arma3 Wasteland Server:TBD Thursday -- Rust / Payday 2 Server: Rustopia US Main Friday -- Table Top Simulator Saturday -- RTS Games ( C&C , Sins of a Solar Empire , Company of Hero's) Sunday -- Clan Meeting 6PM PST ( 9PM EST) ( should only take an hour ish) Topics New Members Old Members Clan Direction Jr Members Other things
  4. After years of operating boats over 15 horsepower without a license I've finally acquired a license. Doesn't feel the same.

  5. Hey admin idk if u got my msg because i lost connectionn when i sent it but can u please look over my purchase for rustopia premium  ive been waiting a while.

    1. SCE_Ghost


      Come on TS


  6. welcome aboard new members

    Welcome amigos.
  7. welcome aboard new members

    Fuck that noise. I think it's time for Jack to bend over! Now where's my damned money!?
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