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  4. Flash Back Weekend

    Monday -- PUBG Server: TBD Tuesday -- Battlefield Server: TBD Wednesday -- Arma3 Wasteland Server:TBD Thursday -- Rust / Payday 2 Server: Rustopia US Main Friday -- Table Top Simulator Saturday -- RTS Games ( C&C , Sins of a Solar Empire , Company of Hero's) Sunday -- Clan Meeting 6PM PST ( 9PM EST) ( should only take an hour ish) Topics New Members Old Members Clan Direction Jr Members Other things
  5. After years of operating boats over 15 horsepower without a license I've finally acquired a license. Doesn't feel the same.

  6. Hey admin idk if u got my msg because i lost connectionn when i sent it but can u please look over my purchase for rustopia premium  ive been waiting a while.

    1. SCE_Ghost


      Come on TS


  7. welcome aboard new members

    Welcome amigos.
  8. welcome aboard new members

    Fuck that noise. I think it's time for Jack to bend over! Now where's my damned money!?
  9. welcome aboard new members

    welcome guys. damnit incy your supposed to be a little sneaky you dont want to scare them off.
  10. welcome aboard new members

    Nice to see some new tags!
  11. welcome aboard new members

    Welcome shit-necks! Who's first for the crushed glass Vaseline?
  12. welcome aboard new members

    Welcome guys
  13. welcome aboard new members

    I would like to welcome SCE_Power and SCE_Christian to the SCE clan of brotherhood plz say hi to them in TS make them feel welcome. They are mainly ark player but good guys and glad to see new SCE members
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