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  1. Yo ghost there were 2 Koreans you banned then lifted the ban from for ghosting. I know one hundred % they knew not to ghost wtih 4.2k hours. Plus they lived next to me and a bud of mine last wipe and were doing some crazy sketchy stuff but unfortunately I did not catch any of it on recording. Maybe keep your eye on that group this wipe.

    <3 Ay_Kay 

    1. SCE_Ghost


      find me names please

  2. Hey admin idk if u got my msg because i lost connectionn when i sent it but can u please look over my purchase for rustopia premium  ive been waiting a while.


    1. SCE_Ghost


      Come on TS ts3.rustopiaus.com


  3. Hey bud, are rustopia vip slots for us supposed to be out of stock?

    1. SCE_Ghost


      There is 65 non premium and 35 premium - if they are sold out its not us showing its sold out. So good for us not so good for you atm. Check everyday, as slots exp it will open more.


    2. DeTaiLz


      Alrighty, thanks :D

    3. DeTaiLz


      If you could check out my order :P that would be great haha