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  1. Hey Gamble, been a very long time!
  2. Good luck to them enforcing all that. I know from experience that there are always loopholes that players will try to get thru. Seems pretty over the top for an official server. I could see like a private server doing that.
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    In addition to full access to the final game release, recipients will also be invited to participate in pre-release weekend testing beginning in May. (Official date to be announced by Periscope Studios.)
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    Can you give me that list please lol
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    SCE_Ghost - assigned SCE_Fuzz - assigned SCE_Incydyus - assigned SCE_Lbrooks - assigned SCE_Anikira - assigned SCE_Spetsdod - assigned SCE_Speaker - assigned
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    Please report if you where apart of the original founds pack and I will get you your key!
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    I would assume so
  8. I dont even see you added
  9. We need to approve you first
  10. @SCE_IncydyusCan I make you a smaller version of the crest? Im actually gonna put back in the header
  11. Yeah Im not pre-ordering shit this time
  12. I couldnt find any active servers