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  1. I don't think I've seen a hacker yet, just the disappointment when we are on the losing side to have people turn around and TK
  2. SCE_Anti


    much love from that boy
  3. SCE_Anti


  4. SCE_Anti


    Played a couple of times lately, still struggling to find a game where i'm not TKed almost right after spawning
  5. I'm still interested in playing Arma 3 but as of yet i can't keep interest an many of the game modes for long periods
  6. i miss the old days... sucks that it's not legal to preform those acts in most countries now... oh well
  7. SCE_Anti


    Yeah i have Arma 3, just been struggling to find a game mode thats kept me interested
  8. SCE_Anti


    Just checked out Argo myself, Looks interesting, Would be keen to play this as a group, looks fun without having to find 30+ players
  9. i Got Stardew Valley, been hearing good reviews about it, although controls are very odd. Looking at Arma3 DLC pack 2 & XPlane 11
  10. One game down... Such a pain that i got paid by work today
  11. SCE_Anti

    I'm Back!

    Damn it... @SCE_The Fuzz, hide yo woman...
  12. I can understand that, i would like to help out but i'm not going to be available all the time. besides i'm interested in BillyEatWorld's Conquest game mode Needs a brushing up
  13. @SCE_Kinlend, whats happening with the arma 3 server you have, is there plans to have it online?
  14. @SCE_LBrooks... Why do you have that... who would want to see that (other than spets)