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  1. Speaking of BO4, anyone actually still playing?
  2. The application has gone to vote, so I don't think it should be too much longer. But real life also does what it does. Soonish Ghost and Fuzz should give it a final pass and then let you know.
  3. Yeah, as much as I like just shooting things, I prefer shooting things with friends, so I put out feelers to see what's what. So far it sounds still very dead in my circles. I hopped on to see where my characters were at and to get a refresher. It still looks like the game has a fair playership running around.
  4. I'm contemplating updating my Destiny 2 install (PC) to the current DLC and shooting things again. I hear the current version is mostly improved and worth playing, if you're willing the game a second chance. Anyone currently or still playing on PC?
  5. The hours I've murdered on Minesweeper. Sigh.
  6. Also I decided to download both games because I'm willing to slaughter zombies with friends.
  7. Spets, is it bad that my first reaction is to say, "god you're old," and then "thank you for making me feel young again." 😆
  8. I have both of them, but I couldn't get into the second because of all the damned pastel colors. Just didn't feel as gritty as the first because of it.
  9. SCE_Wraith

    Hey Guys!

    Shit, we were just talking about you brother. How ya been?
  10. While this picture is predominantly of my second build, my first build is the off-white tower sitting on the adjacent desk to the left. My first build was completed in 2002 and my second was completed in 2007. And yes, that is an old version of the SCE website on the screen.
  11. Though I do believe you can go directly to the website and sign up with a good chance of getting an invite. It's how I got my initial key.
  12. Since neither of you Neanderthals can follow instructions I flipped a coin. PM'd my last key to Drakein. I've only poked at it once or twice and it quickly seemed like something that would be more fun to run around with friends in a group.
  13. I still have 1 key if anyone has an interest.
  14. I have two spare Dauntless Beta keys if anyone is interested. In short is a PC game similar to Monster Hunter. And since Monster Hunter World isn't coming out for PC anytime soon, I figure some of the PC only guys might want to kick it around and see what's up. PM me for the keys, first come, first served.
  15. I got Hunt beta access and the damn thing never ran right so I gave up on it. I mean if the the beta won't run on a gaming computer builtin the past year it's doomed to be a piece of shit just from the optimization perspective. That combined with the peer reviews I've heared, I'm done fucking with it. I'm game for Siege any time I can catch a group. Though the new L4D like co-op event leaves me a questionable taste in my mouth.
  16. I might be interested if there was a point the game didn't become dino slave simulator 9000.
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    He talks the game up really well in this video. It has it's quirks for sure, but Warframe doesn't dumb things down for everyone either. Like an onion it has layers. I didn't care for the game when it came out, but 4 years later it's pretty good.
  18. It was an okay game but I think the hype train died hard. I wouldn't unless you have a group of people to play with.
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    I'm Back!

    Weird, I thought that was his collection of sex toys.
  20. Sadly I was done with Crossout in about fifteen minutes. While I can see matching and tuning vehicles being fun, when I looked at the cash shop I kind of just said NOPE.