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    Hi guys

    Congrats...cya soon!
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    My Twitch

    Just throwing this out there. If you like my shit then Follow. Thanks!
  3. Be patient. It is being discussed. Alot to think about. Have you been gaming since you submitted your app? You don't need to be invited into discord and play with us, just come in.
  4. Like I said. Discord kill these forums LOL. Msg them on Discord.
  5. Why is this not done yet?
  6. Going to need a Black Ops 4 channel and sub channels in discord. I.E #chat lobby chat 1 chat 2 blackout room 1 room 2 room 3 room 4 Multiplayer same as above Zombies same as above. thanks! P.S. You can preload now!
  7. SCE_LBrooks

    Hey Guys!

    We are on Discord now bro! Come on whenever!
  8. Get them here ghost.
  9. Hey Squad Founders! The time has come to snag your Post Scriptum key. You will need the email address you backed Squad with to redeem your free game! Post Scriptum Keys- Squad Squad is a multiplayer, team-based military experience, where high levels of teamwork and communication are crucial to gameplay, and the experience goes well beyond just shooting. JOINSQUAD.COM