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  1. Ok so Stupid Question. How are we formatting our Names? I think that it is important that we follow the same format. At the Moment I have SCE_HexMare Although this may be a little redundant IF the credits section will have us all under the Label Shadow Company Elite. Thoughts?
  2. I don't have the game, however I have seen a couple streamers play the game. It is Hysterical at times.
  3. SCE_Hexmare


    But do we have queef flavored beer??!!?? oh wrong thread.
  4. Joker and Spets, These are both valid stances on the series. Its honestly funny how I got into the series. I started halfway through season 2. I was out on a business trip that spanned a weekend ( I was no where spectacular so there was nothing to do ) so I watched all of season 1, and all that was available of season 2 at the time. Which to my dismay the show was on the winter break. Soooo I tracked down digital copies of all the comics available at the time and read them. I then kept up with the comics up through Rick becoming the leader of Alexandria but before Negan came in. There were parts of the comic that honestly made me put it down and not come back for days it was that intense and disturbing. I get it that the show is trying to go bigger and bigger to deliver a more impacting story, but damn really??!!?? I honestly feel like at the rate they are going if they do go 5 or 6 more seasons they will be fighting Nuke throwing super mutant zombies who can telepathically control you from across the planet by season 12. All jokes aside though there are several other paths that could be traveled with the story line without there being a super villain warlord at the helm. For example. They are in Alexandria which happens to be in my neck of the woods. ( about an hour and a half away ) Alexandria is a suburb of DC. Which means that there is quite a bit of military secured Gov installations near by. Not to mention Ft. Meade , PAX Naval air station, Quantico ( which has FBI, Marines and a DEA training fac ) etc etc etc. Keeping that in mind I find it hard to believe that ricks group haven't run into some military units still in some sort of operation. Moreover that Negan and his crew are still walking around alive, can you imagine them running into a group of Marine survivors from Quantico and being like "Give us half your shit and you live" ...... I don't see that going well for the saviors. Don't get me wrong the show does a good job of making you feel invested in the characters and causing a very empathetic response. On the other side , I think at times it is going overboard and making it a cringe fest that becomes an act of will to make it through each episode.
  5. Ok, Who watches The Walking Dead? Did you catch the season 6 finale last night? If not then close the post now. I have already listed this as spoilers so read on at your own risk. Does anyone else have the freaking jitters about Rick and the gang dealing with the saviors? This doesn't look like it is going to bode well at all. Hell All of Alexandria's top shooters are out in the RV. Now Negan has beat the skull in of one of the core group as well. I know that its Glen who gets killed in the comics , but who do you think was killed? On Talking Dead after the show last night , Scott Gimple said that the introduction of Negan was the end of that story arc for season 6. Once we find out who was killed for the start of season 7 that will start the next story arc of how the group moves forward. The cliff hanger is real with this. What are your thoughts?
  6. Welcome back brother. Glad you made it back !!
  7. Happy Zombie Jesus DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Barricade the doors and grab your shotgun. I am currently going hunting for that jelly bean pooping rabbit.
  8. Find some high ground and stay dry brother.
  9. Better wash that keyboard REALLY well... Incy has been watching all of my video finds... Keys may stick...
  10. Fuckin A Cobber. Get your ass back in here! Lets have a Grey hairs only night for some gaming...
  11. Anti , Are you having relationship issues?
  12. Happy Birthday ya fuckin Newfie