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  1. Flash Back Weekend

    Monday -- PUBG Server: TBD Tuesday -- Battlefield Server: TBD Wednesday -- Arma3 Wasteland Server:TBD Thursday -- Rust / Payday 2 Server: Rustopia US Main Friday -- Table Top Simulator Saturday -- RTS Games ( C&C , Sins of a Solar Empire , Company of Hero's) Sunday -- Clan Meeting 6PM PST ( 9PM EST) ( should only take an hour ish) Topics New Members Old Members Clan Direction Jr Members Other things
  2. Please Welcome SCE_Dead Weight

    Please give a warm welcome to Dead Weight, hes a good friend of mine that I managed to drag away from arma3 and into rust . He's been around for a bit so some of you may know him, if not feel free to give him message in TS and talk a bit or you know just be an ass like normal
  3. Please Welcome Back SCE_Hamster

    All, Please join us in welcoming back Hamster to the clan! Please note that wood chips will be placed on the floor for his droppings. Admin Team
  4. Rust - Battlefield Server

    We are launching new server in rust, that has kits for TDM games. Come check it out under the modded list RustopiaUS Battlefield