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    I haven't seen anyone talking about it at the moment spidey.
  2. May need to switch to the SCE Default under themes if the 2018 skin is showing you any kind of errors. It got broken by elf's .....
  3. I just got back, but I will take a look. ( I think the new bot might have moved it some place)
  4. 99% its the same ghost, he's old as dirt Good to see you back around, I think you dropped off right around the time I was coming into the clan.
  5. SCE_The Fuzz


    Working like a dog! lol
  6. Anyone feel like playing some L4D2 ? My self crazy and death were playing last night... its about an 8gb download and still fun.
  7. Even in 96 brooks was trying to use a controller!
  8. Free Animals based off hours of play ( or afk)
  9. We can just start a new topic for it, I don't think enough guys play to really make it worth it....
  10. Yes we have one, no one uses it....
  11. Better improve over this, lol a lot of that looked like 2 & 3
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    Yeah its the same company, but I don't know how much of a improvement on graphics it is
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    and hackers...
  14. What more do you want at least they put it on a map..
  15. I was able to talk my self out of the store last night as Arma3 put the new map out for free yesterday as well. 6.5 Gb of slow loading made it possible.
  16. I don't want him, he chirps all the time.
  17. SCE_The Fuzz

    TS Phantoming

    We are, you are welcome to hang around an meet some of the guys and jump in some PUBG games with us. Reach out to my self of Ghost if you need TS permissions.
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    Probably the fact his forum group has changed. Anyways trash its nice to see back around! I'm glad work is keeping you busy and bringing in the money. Hop in ts some time if you get some time would love to chat a bit, its been a long time.
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    KY, Nice to see you around again! I've kinda kept up with you on facebook but have been swamped with work really You getting on ts anytime soon?
  20. Yeah, expand it out a bit and it could be interesting
  21. GOOD! Maybe I can meet up with you in the coming weeks and get a drink now your not working nights!
  22. Oh wow, brooks go back to the tutorial on how to play....