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  1. I lvoed the concept but it feels like a game that should be played on a tablet. Just wasnt that fun
  2. It's like when someone gets dumped, and yet they continue to show up at coffee shops, movie theaters, facebook posts, and etc. And the person declares they aren't stalking and they dont have a problem- but we all know they do. And the infatuation ends in a restraining order or worse. If you feel so strongly, file a lawsuit. This shit is getting old.
  3. In a nutshell, the finish line changed. No one likes to earn their rank anymore, they just want a quick-lane to the prize. One of the things I detest about MMORPG's today.
  4. Which one of you fucks has the roster? We need to activate our sleeper agents and get the team back together. @SCE_The Fuzz @SCE_RabidDog
  5. First PC- TRS 80 Pyramid 2000 is the game that hooked me on gaming on the PC. It first only had cassettes and would later have a 5 and 1/4" floppy drive! Second PC - TRS 80 Model 4 Third PC - IBM PC (dont know the model) running windows 2.0 I cant find an accurate picture of it. Fun fact- I played the very first version of Flight Simulator on this PC which had a game mode called The Red Baron that pit you against WW2 pilots
  6. I'm salty as this was during one of my work-related hiatus's from the forums. Congrats to you guys.
  7. Hammy

    Hey Guys!

    There he is. I sent you a message like 2 years ago- we must be operating on Game of Thrones time.... lol
  8. We gotta give this another run. Populations are thin though....
  9. Discord. its the wave of the future and how you'll reconnect with the peeps.
  10. The reviews suggest the game has gotten better. I just reinstalled the game and will be deploying tonight if anyone wants to join me. I'll post a note to Discord as well.
  11. Hammy


    Based on what we heard last night, I dont know if we're going to want to be in Martin's videos. Just ask Crazy for clarification if you need to know why.....
  12. And also- Shut the fuck up recruit. You will speak when spoken to and live when told to breath. Dont make us haze you like the old days....:)
  13. Hammy


    the devs were doing nothing to stop hacking. Most of us grew tired of the cry hards who played pretend soldier but sucked at tacticals.
  14. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/05/destiny-2-probably-coming-to-pc-after-consoles/ Too bad. So sad.