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  1. I lvoed the concept but it feels like a game that should be played on a tablet. Just wasnt that fun
  2. It's like when someone gets dumped, and yet they continue to show up at coffee shops, movie theaters, facebook posts, and etc. And the person declares they aren't stalking and they dont have a problem- but we all know they do. And the infatuation ends in a restraining order or worse. If you feel so strongly, file a lawsuit. This shit is getting old.
  3. In a nutshell, the finish line changed. No one likes to earn their rank anymore, they just want a quick-lane to the prize. One of the things I detest about MMORPG's today.
  4. Which one of you fucks has the roster? We need to activate our sleeper agents and get the team back together. @SCE_The Fuzz @SCE_RabidDog
  5. First PC- TRS 80 Pyramid 2000 is the game that hooked me on gaming on the PC. It first only had cassettes and would later have a 5 and 1/4" floppy drive! Second PC - TRS 80 Model 4 Third PC - IBM PC (dont know the model) running windows 2.0 I cant find an accurate picture of it. Fun fact- I played the very first version of Flight Simulator on this PC which had a game mode called The Red Baron that pit you against WW2 pilots
  6. Hammy


    Miss the Eagle.
  7. WHO in the FUCK are you good sir? I keep asking where you are and you never are here. Hit me up - Im playing more BF lately - BCB2, BF4, and Battlefield 1
  8. Hammy


    Good luck people. I retired from competitive gaming in 2013, no time to practice and honestly- I'm aging out of the reflex game. No time to practice + age related shit = #suckmore If you guys practice 5 days a week and keep it organized that should place you at top 10 nearly every time. SCE's Insurgency Team @SCE_Spetsdod @SCE_Speaker @SCE_Anikira @SCE_The Fuzz @SCE_RabidDog @SCE_Hammy (and SCE Breeze who retired from gaming altogether to raise his family) I know we had several backups that were on Team B who subbed in when people were working as well. Apologies if I missed you Practice was 3-5 days a week, we were undefeated in approx 40 matches. I'm guessing because I cant remember if we played each team 2x or 3x (10 teams in the ladder if I remember correctly). 2 years of kicking ass, to the point that the league fell apart and there were only 4 teams left when we decided to fold. Wishing you guys the same achievement and fun that we had
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    I'm salty as this was during one of my work-related hiatus's from the forums. Congrats to you guys.
  10. Was enjoying the run we had, looking forward to their further development.
  11. Hammy

    Hey Guys!

    There he is. I sent you a message like 2 years ago- we must be operating on Game of Thrones time.... lol
  12. yeah- they tried to do a moneygrab when they mimic'd Payday.....that was garbage....
  13. We gotta give this another run. Populations are thin though....
  14. The last Battlefield was such a disappointing piece of shit, designed to get you to buy crates and etc, that I have given up on all games on the Origin platform. They did the same thing with BattleFront 2.... I received the Alpha and the Beta invites but flushed them to protect my friends.