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  1. SCE_Incydyus

    Battlefield 5 in october

    Just FYI if anyone is still looking at BF-V, the open Beta starts today for early access and Sep 6th for everyone. Free download through Origin for Open Beta.
  2. SCE_Incydyus

    Battlefield 5 in october

    Code already redeemed Whyno. I may try this second alpha if I can. I don't want to judge before release though. I am still really looking forward to this.
  3. SCE_Incydyus

    WoW Server List Battle for Azeroth token

    No idea about BFA tokens.... I know there are WoW tokens that you can buy in-game that can either be purchased with gold and used for your subscription time or bought with real dollars and sold for gold on the AH.
  4. SCE_Incydyus

    Insurgency: Sandstorm

    So is there anyone with an interest in this? I have already pre-ordered, even though it usually bites me in the ass, and am waiting on the Betas that start next weekend the 9-13th.
  5. SCE_Incydyus

    WoW Server List Battle for Azeroth token

    I do kind of agree with all of this. Also is trying to have stable time to play and play as a group.... I know my schedule really does not allow for a whole lot of stability but I do try to be on for a couple hours a night, albeit not always just playing WoW.
  6. SCE_Incydyus

    WoW Server List Battle for Azeroth token

  7. SCE_Incydyus

    Pic of your very first PC

    Same. So simple, so complex. Great time waster.
  8. SCE_Incydyus

    Pic of your very first PC

    Shit.... I was thinking, "man I remember that shit" and then "damn I remember having those in the school "Computer Lab" and reading that Computer Shopper thinking of what might come in the future". Then finally I realize I'm not quite as old as Spets, but damn those were the days.
  9. SCE_Incydyus

    Where is the Conan topic

    PvE-C - PvE with raid time that does not include building destruction, only Player Slaying.
  10. SCE_Incydyus

    Battlefield 5 in october

    ALL ABOARD!!!!!! Hypetrain for BF land is pulling into the station! I will be your Chief Engineer MR. SCE_Iclitious! I am hyped....
  11. SCE_Incydyus

    Hey Guys!

    Glad to see you are still surviving RD! We just mentioned about something about where have you been recently. No more TS so now you gotta get into our discord.
  12. SCE_Incydyus

    Pic of your very first PC

    No way I still have a pic of from then. Maybe I can find at least the first one I built while I was stationed in Korea and scan it.
  13. SCE_Incydyus


    You are correct Speaker. I just checked the credits to verify and there were 7 of us not 6. I was wrong. SCE_Anikira, SCE_Ghost, SCE_Incydyus, SCE_LBrooks, SCE_Speaker, SCE_Spetsdod, and SCE_The Fuzz My apology.
  14. SCE_Incydyus

    Battlefield 5 in october

    Their money grab ideas have never panned out. Most likely never will. I would like them to stick to what they know works and if they want to try something a little different don't play it up as the greatest part of the game when it is completely an experiment.
  15. SCE_Incydyus

    Battlefield 5 in october

    Same to me, but I still play on my own. I have not played much BF1 though since after the second content patch though. I did loose a bit on interest in it and the mechanics just feel weird and unlike BF