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  1. Necro..... Lukien likes to dig up dead things.
  2. SCE_Incydyus

    Hi guys

    DAMN! What's up DJ!? Congrats on the little one buddy. I look forward to seeing you back again!
  3. SCE_Incydyus

    Life update.

    Welcome back....again Ky! :D Good to hear you are doing well. Fuzz just built a new PC so he may have some good ideas for you.
  4. God damn! How do ya old crotchety bastard! The butter cob flavor baby.
  5. SCE_Incydyus

    Archyme here

    Dang Archy long time no see. How's it going man? Jack still can't find his CapsLock key....
  6. How's it going Gamble? Good to see old faces come around. We are playing a lot of different games recently. You can always pop into Discord just to see what everyone is doing.
  7. What did Ghost do this time?
  8. I bet shit like that doesn't help. You do realize we all have real lives and families as well as hanging out here right?
  9. Hey there RD! There are a bunch playing. Join discord to find out.
  10. Yeah I'm not dumping more money into it. I looked around and saw there is still a fair amount who play, but after looking at everything it's the same hollow story, same bad characters, same re-skinned enemies, same weapons with a bigger number beside them, and their best voice over left so they killed Cade...
  11. It is indeed the same place. Ghost is just old and grumpy now days. He also doesn't wear his reading glasses like he is supposed too so he probably can't see this post through his cataracts either... Nice to see older member stop in to say hi man! I came in around BF2142 and Rainbow Six Vegas so I kind of might remember seeing your name on the roster, but don't think I ever really got to play or chat with you. Nice to meet you. P.S. Unfortunately Deadeye is still here 😛
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    Good bitch. You may just get a biscuit.
  13. I was passing it through the old brain cage as well. I just haven't made the dive yet.
  14. SCE_Incydyus


    Word. What's crackin?
  15. No idea about BFA tokens.... I know there are WoW tokens that you can buy in-game that can either be purchased with gold and used for your subscription time or bought with real dollars and sold for gold on the AH.
  16. So is there anyone with an interest in this? I have already pre-ordered, even though it usually bites me in the ass, and am waiting on the Betas that start next weekend the 9-13th.
  17. I do kind of agree with all of this. Also is trying to have stable time to play and play as a group.... I know my schedule really does not allow for a whole lot of stability but I do try to be on for a couple hours a night, albeit not always just playing WoW.
  18. Same. So simple, so complex. Great time waster.
  19. Shit.... I was thinking, "man I remember that shit" and then "damn I remember having those in the school "Computer Lab" and reading that Computer Shopper thinking of what might come in the future". Then finally I realize I'm not quite as old as Spets, but damn those were the days.
  20. PvE-C - PvE with raid time that does not include building destruction, only Player Slaying.
  21. Glad to see you are still surviving RD! We just mentioned about something about where have you been recently. No more TS so now you gotta get into our discord.
  22. No way I still have a pic of from then. Maybe I can find at least the first one I built while I was stationed in Korea and scan it.
  23. You are correct Speaker. I just checked the credits to verify and there were 7 of us not 6. I was wrong. SCE_Anikira, SCE_Ghost, SCE_Incydyus, SCE_LBrooks, SCE_Speaker, SCE_Spetsdod, and SCE_The Fuzz My apology.
  24. LBrooks, Anikira, Fuzz, Spetsdod, Ghost, and Incydyus I believe. Six of us went in on the founder's clan pack.