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  1. So, no one answered my original question, it wasn't snarky, I really don't know. "what is BFA tokens and why would a wow player care? " Seems to me that if the goal is to play as a group, starting a bunch of newbie chars that level together would be the way to go. What's the rush?
  2. Game just got boring. I came back to Panda and leveled a panda monk to 80, then got bored again. They made the game too easy.
  3. what is Bfa tokens wny why would a wow player care? stopped playing long ago...
  4. I Did, I thought, it's how I got the gamest failed to do something that would have stuck me in the credits.
  5. I played for about 20 minutes, amusing. Meh.
  6. After we bought the pack, people played for about a day than I was mostly alone for weeks and gave up trying to play. Once the hacks stayed coming out it got pointless so I stopped completely. Is anyone back playing now? If so is it playable or are the aim botters still killing the game?