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    Life update.

    Thanks Incy. Fuzz! hit me with your pc building wisdom.

    Life update.

    Hello everyone! It's Kyle here AGAIN! (I know these im back posts are annoying) Thought I would stop by here, say hi, ask you guys how you're doing and give you an update about me. First off. I GOT ENGAGED! Before you guys ask, yes its to a real woman. :p I'm still in Seattle and have been growing. Gone are my self loathing and depressed days. I have grown and learned from my many mistakes through the years. Whats new with you guys? Fuzz needs to visit me here, I'm sure I owe shade a drink so if you're reading this buddy, hit me up. Since I dropped some serious money on a ring, my lady is encouraging me to send a good bit of $$$$ on myself which means, NEW PC! I've been using the same rig since 2012 with some minor updates to it but at this point, its a glorified minecraft machine. Any of you guys wanna help me with a part list? New pc means me playing more games with you guys. Gotta get in on this seige grind and show you old folks how to play. (plat 2 bitches)!
  3. Hey guys. Im gonna have Laxing from elivate gg playing with me on our rust server on wedensday. The plan is to be in a private channel in our discord limited to clan members i know or trust to not spam him. Hit me up for more details.
  4. Well its been ages right? Life's been perking up like the tits of an 18 year old and I think its high time I get back to fragging. Right now im putting together a list of pc parts, gonna build a new rig and hop back in the clan. How has everyone been doing. If you're reading this uno, no more tears of loneliness. I'm back


    Been awhile. Vile has dragged me back from the wild. Hows it going?