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  1. Lot of old faces in here
  2. This game is currently free in the steam store. Get it now if you don't have it already.
  3. I for sure don't have my own picture of it, nor do I still have it. My first PC was a IBM PS/1 running the very robust Windows 3.1. I had several King's Quest games, Sim City/Sim City 2000, Doom, Doom 2, and of course Minesweeper.
  4. I thought season six has been the best season since the first. The finale kinda pissed me off at first but now I have come to think it was not that bad to do it the way they did it. All the blockades and just letting them think they are escaping. It just fucked with there heads every time they thought they would get around them. Haven't seen Rick this helpless since Lori died. For some reason I think Abraham was the one to get his skull bashed in. He got quite a bit of character development recently, made amends with Eugene, and seemed to be pretty happy now with Sasha. Things were looking up for him, thats usually a sign its time for a character to die. It seems odd to me that the saviors knew it was Alexandria that took out the outpost. Unless someone talked at Hilltop there has to be a spy in Alexandria. If there is a spy I would guess it is Enid. Perhaps she is somehow related to Negan and she would just provide intel and they would leave Alexandria alone. How would the saviors know to put up roadblocks at that time? Enid could have poisoned Maggie with the pickles and told them it would only be a matter of time for them to see the doctor at Hilltop.