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  1. God I just knew I had heard it before! The funny thing is... When I was looking at the Sega games and saw Golden Axe, I had such a feeling that that was the game and I couldn't figure it out... AXES.. SWORDS.. MAGIC... Gauntlet/Golden Axe.. bastards!
  2. I'll say I felt this season was way better than probably the last 2? They've had some very solid interactions between characters and I hated the whole 'hey we found a community and it's amazeballs and we're going to live here foorreevveerr' that was the first half of (this season? last season?) but it seemed to finish strong and this season started off way better. I do agree that they tried to build up Negan and it honestly just felt very underwhelming. I think because they kept trying to build him up and build him up without actual fear from the .... Neganites... The Saviors. Honestly, if everyone from The Saviors acts like bad asses and everyone from the Hilltop act like little bitches.. then why would Negan feel remotely bad ass.. on the contrary, if EVERYONE acted afraid of Negan.. then maybe he feels like he's actually in control instead of a big 'bro' bunch (because that's all they looked like).. bunch of a fuckin high fives and butt slap 'bros' I do feel like this cliffhanger is more refreshing than those of the past because this is the first time that the crew has been completely helpless to an overwhelming force. Even Terminus (which looked promising and everyone knew would go sideways) they were in a box and out in 1 episode. I honestly didn't even feel like anyone was in danger. At least this time, they're at the whelm of someone else and I don't see them coming up with a brilliant plan to escape in a 45 minute episode. Anyway, I've largely not let this show dictate anything I do on sundays and have just watched it later in time.. sometimes going weeks without even thinking about it before I binge a few episodes to catch up.. and I think that's honestly the most telling thing about it.
  3. If it helps.. off hand it's something like The Bard's Tale or one of those games. I'm perusing youtube to see if I can't find it. It's definitely a dungeon crawler, though.. Might and Magic, maybe? Edit: It definitely sounds updated, though. None of the old games (even Sega Genesis) sound as clean as what's on their youtube. After looking at a few dungeon crawlers (no sequels or anything)... it could very well be some of the old sega games, though. Sounds medieval in theme and that's immediately where my mind went for the oldschool dungeon crawlers. I looked up Wizardry, Ultima, M&M and Bard's Tale. Nothing sounded remotely as clean (obviously).. but they all speak the same kind of language. I would look there, honestly. I'll add for some reason a type of civilization management/army management games also come to mind.. something like this, but obviously different. NOT SURE! When you find it let us know
  4. Just want to let you guys know that is live with a 12 hour charity stream for my family. Any support is welcome. Even if it's just keeping those guys company and encouraging them through their stream. Thanks guys!
  5. So, another update. We're getting things taken care of for us and the house is slowly getting things pulled out. We'll be hitting it hard this week when my brother can make it down. Curious: anyone here have a laptop they're not using or could sell for cheap? Looking for something that can play a few games. My tower of my computer made it but nothing of the rest of my set up survived. Just didn't have time to get the rest of it in the attic. (monitors, keyboard, mouse, ps4, controllers) pretty much lost all my electronics. So, that's where I'm at at the moment. Thanks again, guys!
  6. Just wanted to update. Probably can't make it back until around Monday, but one of the neighbors who was higher up and stayed behind shared a picture that made it look like we may have about 2 - 2 1/2 feet of water inside. Thankfully the house didn't topple or hadn't appeared to, yet. My father and I are pretty we pretty experienced with canoes and as it all was going down the first day we managed to get to the cabin (very stupid and life threatening).. He had to man the canoe as we thought the current might actually pop any straps we had to tie it off. I went inside and tried to move many things to the attic.. And we did manage to get very very valuable paper work out on pretty much everything we owned. Upon trying to leave the water was so forceful it almost kept us pinned to the cabin, water had just started to seep through the floor boards into the house. I know we're going to lose a lot, still praying it stays up and we don't lose the attic. At the moment we're in an RV Park in a travel trailer. WE ARE safe. We won't be clamoring to get back to the house until all the roads are open. Thanks again for the wishes of safety. Most of the flooding was due to the Dam on Toledo Bend being opened, all 9 gates at 22 feet. I personally feel there had to be some neglect or poor decision making as we all knew for 3 days there was a flash flood storm system in route. We've had floods before... We never knew they were going to open up that hard on us... Read a statistic that said it was an extra 220,000 cubic feet of water per second with the Dam gates raised that high. I can't even imagine how much water that is. Anyway, guess life is starting over for a while. Thanks again, guys. Will update more probably Tuesday, might have a clearer picture by then.
  7. Just want to give everyone a heads up... My house is officially flooded out. It's a cabin on a creek and flash floods hit last night. Within twelve hours we had nearly 15 feet of water and it started creeping into the house about two hours ago. Everyone is safe. Most of the vehicles are with us but it's very scary to think you may not have a home to return to. I know you guys will keep me and my family in your thoughts.
  8. Herroooooooo EVERYBODY!!! Joker checking in... HA HA HA!!!!