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  1. SCE_goosey

    Battlefield 5 in october

    what do you think of it so far whyno?
  2. SCE_goosey

    Battlefield 5 in october

    I still play BF4 on a regular basis. That being said when BF5 comes out I'll probably start playing BF1 when premium is $20
  3. SCE_goosey

    Battlefield 1 Incurrsions

    A couple of commas would help this sentence make more sense you illiterate old fart.
  4. SCE_goosey

    BF1 PS4 Gameplay

    Played for about an hour on pc, seems very promising. Wasn't a fan of the beta map but I love the weapons and non op vehicles. Snipers remain the staple annoyance to all things battlefield.
  5. SCE_goosey

    The Walking Dead Season 6 finale. * SPOILERS *

    I think the show has gone downhill since season 3. It's just not plausible enough. I hate how skulls are suddenly made out of playdoh for both the living and the dead and that zombies with clearly no muscle tissue or tendons can still walk around and function normally. With how slow the zombies move and how easy it is to poke them in the head with a stick and kill them how does anyone even die from them??? And where did all these people come from all of a sudden? I want some dawn of the dead zombie action.
  6. SCE_goosey

    Welcome to the New Forums Everyone!

    was I suppose to put SCE in my name? haha oops
  7. SCE_goosey

    Welcome to the New Forums Everyone!