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  1. Hey SCE!!! Im sad cause no one plays foxhole besides me and kingunderwood hopefully someone else or two or three or more get interested in teh game and we can play together!!! Give Foxhole a chance! Luv Bob
  2. Love squad, Ive only encountered ONE hacker in my 60 hours of play. I ran up behind him and he killed me with a headshot instantly other than that the game is looking really good and there is a huge update coming in a few weeks. Adding a lot of new stuff !
  3. I love squad good game. Dunno about any hackers cause I can never see any enemies anyways hahaha If anyone wants to play I'm always down!
  4. I wish to be in this exclusive club What happened to all the love from deadeye and crazy and inigio I guess there are already too many Canadians in the club eh dam