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  1. SCE_RabidDog

    Hey Guys!

    Hey everyone! I;ve been gone forever but I hope everyone is doing well, just wanted to say hi! I'll see if get back on TS when this semester is over.
  2. SCE_RabidDog

    I'm Back!

    Hey everyone! I know its been along time! But i'm back for the most part! Its summer time so i'll be able to game a little more often again. Hope everyone is doing well, and hope to see you in TS
  3. Hey guys , just wondering who's playing cod 4 so I can get the remaster or not
  4. SCE_RabidDog


    Hey everyone :D, hope you've all been well, I've been super busy living life and stuff lol. I'll probably be getting on in a couple weeks when I straighten some things out. Keep being awesome!
  5. I know i've been MIA for the most part, but i'm still alive lol, wanted to say hi to everyone. Is anyone thinking of getting the Division? Hope everyone is well. Hope to see you all online soon I have spring break soon so i'll finally get a break. Unless work slaves me lol