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    Hey Spidey, I'm unsure about an ESO guild but I've got the game and didn't play it much and would be down to sometime! as far as EA Games, Battlefield is always a popular one here, other people I'm sure will chime in about what else they are playing.
  2. SCE_Unodos96

    anyone interested in playing ?

    Hello all, Fairly soon i will be through this semester of college ( only 1 more to go woo! ) and when I've got actual free time would any of you want to play Arma 3 sometime? mods or regular, maybe even an escape from Altis game night? let me know!
  3. SCE_Unodos96

    anyone interested in playing ?

    mmmmmm okay
  4. SCE_Unodos96

    Daily video series.

    Hello everyone, long time since I've posted on the forums but have decided to attempt to share a interesting of any sort most likely every other day. hell, i encourage others to also partake and share what they see throughout their days on the inter-webs.
  5. SCE_Unodos96

    I done fucked myself good.

    Mountain biking has been a hobby of mine for the last year and some months with my attendance at University. Tuesday, the 27th, my luck finally ran out. Was doing a trail rightly named Cliff hanger due to the steep slope and drop to the side. Went over a 1-2 foot drop and jacked the landing onto the rocky ground Wallah, a broken collar bone with 3cm overlap. I will have a plate and screws put in Monday morning. Nothing to worry about but figured I'de share =)
  6. SCE_Unodos96

    I done fucked myself good.

    Update! if a few days late. surgery went well Monday. pain sucked Monday night but by Tuesday i was good. healing well and so far no other problems. 7 screws and a plate.
  7. SCE_Unodos96

    if anyone wants a chuckle.

    Favorite part from the 4 minutes to the 5 minutes. but entire video is good
  8. SCE_Unodos96

    download and upload 1000 times.

    oh go crawl back in your hole Spets. =)
  9. SCE_Unodos96

    Unfortunate News.

    glad you are safe joker. having lived near a river that likes to flood and helping neighbors in those situations thats some scary stuff. but glad you and your family are safe man.
  10. SCE_Unodos96

    Chris draws a cartoon

  11. SCE_Unodos96

    Humble starwars bundle

  12. SCE_Unodos96

    robot lives matter...