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  1. Well, I tried to change my nickname for the server so it would be more apparent but it wouldn't let me. I'm like way at the bottom of the member list with my discord default name Yunathesnakegoddess.
  2. I joined the Discord server recently, but it won't let me read anything from the channels or post anything.
  5. System specs and a link to the game running in 4K on an Nvidia 1080 rig
  6. For those who enjoyed Human Revolution
  7. For people who favor arena shooters like Unreal and such, on Steam you can preload the Doom Open Beta that starts the 15th. Bethesda also has around a 90 minute video of them playing the game on Youtube. Open Beta has these features: Armor Customization that's reminiscent of Mass Effect 3 You can customize the skins of your weapons similar to Call of Duty (Also instead of Weapon Pick-Ups that are traditional to games like arcade shooters, the game adopts a Loadout system like CoD as well) Modes will be: Team Deathmatch and Warpath with two maps to choose from. Full release is May 12th for PC and Next-Gen Consoles.