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  1. Miss you guys!

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    2. SCE_Soultear


      lol nice jackass


    3. SCE_Wraith


      Don't be a stranger broseph.  Or or at least any stranger than you already are.

    4. SCE_Soultear


      need a pc lol. need 1500$ to get up and running again


  2. SCE_Soultear

    Alberta Economy

    lol that made me laugh buds. I have a few games installed, see who is on tonight. will do. quit being a fag!! the last cod game i bought lasted 3 months MAYBE 4 months!! But looks like BFBC2 is on sale on steam, could be some new players playing that game for a month or so.
  3. SCE_Soultear

    Alberta Economy

    I do not know, she still plays WoW from time to time. You only wish!! Thinking about the new BF game, kinda looks good, its been out for a while so i imagine the bugs are worked out. Queefer!!
  4. SCE_Soultear

    Alberta Economy

    This bitch is finally making a comeback you faggots!! Its been to long
  5. Alive!

    1. SCE_Grunt


      Me too, but barely some days.  


  6. SCE_Soultear

    Alberta Economy

    Getting closer~
  7. SCE_Soultear

    Alberta Economy

    ....Has made me a broke ass. I will rebuild and I will be back and Jackass is still a QWEEF!! LOL I hope to be back playing games again at the tail end of summer. Take care homos!!
  8. SCE_Soultear


  9. SCE_Soultear


    Looks cool around here!!!