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  1. Unclebuk

    Return Possible

    Right on. I will be around and see how things go. Likely join in some games and on discord.
  2. Unclebuk

    Return Possible

    Hello Shadow Company Elite! The fact that this group is still around is a testament to the leadership and family they have built. Formerly SCE_Branone here. I joined back in the hay day of AA2 and enjoyed the likes of many a fine SCE member Sauzer, Clark, Coates, Tenthsfg, wmhuff, Sappersis, and of course Ironman. There are many more I didn't list that are and were equally memorable. I could list for hours I am sure. How is everyone and what are you all gaming now a days? Are any of those old members around still? (besides Ironman of course. Forever in our hearts) I am debating a return to gaming and if you all are accepting member I may apply.