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  1. I'm on Silverhand, a RP server. as Horde. Ragh#1493
  2. Doesn't reveal anything but good to know it is on its way.
  3. SCE_whyno


    My thoughts exactly.
  4. WoW has a fun event going called 'Operation Juno' and I'm looking for others to join since teamwork is hella necessary. Tiers 5 & 6 only though.
  5. I could see SCE fielding a crew and whoopin arse in this game. You can support it on Steam here - Some game play, I believe SCE played a similar type of game,
  6. EA/Dice have undergone the best support and turn around in a game with BF4. IMHO, BF4 is the ultimate package (sans fucking IR scopes) and has come such a long way since their disastrous launch. I feel BF4's bad rep is unwarranted by players soured from the game in the beginning. BF4 is the penultimate Battlefield experience (BC2 being the best), and if you're going for 64 hardcore conquest, BF4 is second to none. As far as those BF1 celebrities, I'll just leave this here- And I'll add her to my squad any time