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  1. Sup...Gamble, Bubba and Dinky.
  2. COB77

    Suppp Boyz..

    I still around guys....
  3. COB77

    Suppp Boyz..

    Just stopping in to say hello... hows everything with my buds in SCE?
  4. UGH...I just realized there is no longer and SCE_COB77....I guess this old fooker needs to reapply. So dinky..I can't see ur rig info....
  5. Lmfao...that would be fantastic Dinky. let me know what u need from me!! Hex ur keyboard is the only one with body fluids on it!! Sick bastard...
  6. sup u 3....ghost u can kiss my ass hex i have gotta get a machine together before i can do any gaming. trashie...what the fuck rock did u crawl out from under?
  7. I sure have missed u dribblenuts....I will try to get ts setup on this laptop. As far as gaming, thats gonna have to old crap rigg took a shit on me. babies, but i sure do love the process that makes them. Hammy...hopefully the conversation about me was a good one. Brooksie...fuck u cannick!! Thx Ace.. Dinkie....You know u love the buttery flav of the COBB!!
  8. hello boys the COB is Back!!