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  1. COB77

    Blast from the past

    Sup...Gamble, Bubba and Dinky.
  2. COB77

    Suppp Boyz..

    I still around guys....
  3. COB77

    Suppp Boyz..

    Just stopping in to say hello... hows everything with my buds in SCE?
  4. COB77

    Whats Up My little Biatches....

    UGH...I just realized there is no longer and SCE_COB77....I guess this old fooker needs to reapply. So dinky..I can't see ur rig info....
  5. COB77

    Whats Up My little Biatches....

    Lmfao...that would be fantastic Dinky. let me know what u need from me!! Hex ur keyboard is the only one with body fluids on it!! Sick bastard...
  6. COB77

    Whats Up My little Biatches....

    sup u 3....ghost u can kiss my ass hex i have gotta get a machine together before i can do any gaming. trashie...what the fuck rock did u crawl out from under?
  7. COB77

    Whats Up My little Biatches....

    I sure have missed u dribblenuts....I will try to get ts setup on this laptop. As far as gaming, thats gonna have to wait...my old crap rigg took a shit on me. Fuzz...no babies, but i sure do love the process that makes them. Hammy...hopefully the conversation about me was a good one. Brooksie...fuck u cannick!! Thx Ace.. Dinkie....You know u love the buttery flav of the COBB!!
  8. COB77

    Whats Up My little Biatches....

    hello boys the COB is Back!!