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  1. Well, it's really cool to see this clan still going strong. Those were some fun times back then. There was a clan, can't remember the name, that had a grumpy old guy that always called the Mirage his, "Maserati". If you got into the Mirage while he was playing, he'd kick you. What was the name of that guy? it was hilarious to get onto TS and listen to him bitch and complain about campers. Was a very good clan in competition. Anyway, thanks for letting me reminisce. You guys take care and maybe I'll see you on the battlefield one day. I don't remember how old Ghost is, but I'm 55, so my dirt is getting old too.
  2. Hello SCE. I'm not sure I'm in the right place, but I thought I'd give it a shot. My name is Ed and I once was a member here back in the Battlefield 1942 days. Back when Deadeye and Onetime were members here. It's been a long time, and I may be in the wrong place, but I thought I'd drop in and say hello to Ghost. I remember gaming with Ghost in 1942 and flying him around in the Apache killing the enemy. I was just wandering the interweb tonight and thought I'd check in here and see if this is the same clan as the one that I actually started my multi player gaming experience with many years ago. Onetime was the guy that started chatting with me ingame as I was flying around killing peeps and he invited me into the clan. From there, we began the Desert Combat division in SCE and it just grew from there. Anyway, I wanted to see if this was the same Ghost that I remembered from way back and had the opportunity to speak with often on TS. I don't game much anymore, but SCE has always held a fond place in my heart because you guys are the ones that got me hooked on the crack. I built my first rig because of this clan's direction and had many late nights into the wee hours of the morning raiding servers having a great time with members. If I'm in the wrong place, just ignore this and send me on my way. I was just feeling a bit nostalgic, and like a lost dog finding its way back home, I find myself on this doorstep. Ghost, if you are still here and this is the place I remember, give me a shout out and say hello. By the way, I thought it was neato to place my old tag on my game name, so I hope you guys aren't offended by that. I'm not asking to join the clan, rather just an old friend stopping in to say hello SCE_Crusader (Ed)