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  1. SCE_Anikira

    Blops 4

    Don't think you will need that many channels Brooks for cod since most of the clan will be playing the BR version anyways.
  2. SCE_Anikira

    Insurgency: Sandstorm

    I'm downloading it right now, it's around 15gb I am hoping it be about done when I get home today.
  3. SCE_Anikira

    Insurgency: Sandstorm

    I totally forgot this was a thing, I will jump on it though and give it a try Spets since insurgency players get a discount.
  4. SCE_Anikira

    Battlefield 5 in october

    I'll take it whyno, does it tell you how long the closed alpha is?
  5. SCE_Anikira

    hey guys its Tung

    A lot of us play seige everyday tung, hunt was kinda a overall disappointment mainly from how the test runs felt and hearing other people's opinions on it.
  6. SCE_Anikira


    I'm the one with access to it ATM, I just forgot the password so I'll get it fixed with Fuzz tonight.
  7. SCE_Anikira

    Found Anikira's next game!

    Spets I may be a anime nerd but I ain't no Furry >: \
  8. SCE_Anikira

    Insurgency: Sandstorm

    Over all spets I did read the topic, I'm just going to wait and see.
  9. SCE_Anikira

    Welcome to the New Forums Everyone!

    Fun fact everyone we do have a custom theme. You can enable it at the very bottom of the page at themes. Just expect some growing pains from it here and there.
  10. SCE_Anikira

    State of Squad.

    Neato! We need to set a date so we can all go into a server together and get things done.
  11. SCE_Anikira

    Welcome to the New Forums Everyone!

    I know you love it Brooks.
  12. SCE_Anikira

    State of Squad.

    Cool, thanks for the info Ghost.
  13. SCE_Anikira

    State of Squad.

    Is there still a problem with hackers in this game currently?
  14. SCE_Anikira

    Welcome to the New Forums Everyone!

    So here we are to new set of forums everyone! I swear I am not posting every where....