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  1. TimmyTim


    Wow! I didn't even know that we had a pet section. Anyway, newbie here. I have a Pomeranian name Donny. After a long day of work, I come home to this cuddly critter, rubbing his head against my feet and howling for some doggy treats. Usually, we'd watch T.V. in the living room, play catch in the backyard, and sing along to a few old Linkin Park albums. He's a bit too playful at times, which is why we fit him with one of those shock collars to help with his discipline whenever he gets too rough for playtime. He also enjoys our outdoor walk during my days off. Overall, he has been a great companion throughout these years.
  2. TimmyTim


    Haven't tried that before. How was it?
  3. TimmyTim

    Foxhole ..... anyone ? :'(

    Yeah, tried it as well before. Just didn't retain my interest after a while.
  4. TimmyTim

    Blops 4

    Took the words right out of my mouth.
  5. TimmyTim

    Destiny 2: Forsaken (PC)

    Yeah, too bad, it had potential at first, but Bungie just recycled the same hollow story and re-skinned enemies.