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  1. SCE_Mimosa

    Destiny 2 raid

    Looking for 3 people to run the Leviathan Raid in Destiny 2. I have 2 other people that are ready to go we just need more people to be there. Must be level 30 and around light level 330. Will take 320 if circumstances allow. Let me know. Bnet tag is Lilelf#1136 Looking to run the raid either tonight or tomorrow.
  2. SCE_Mimosa


    Anti, if you have ARMA 3 Eagle recently picked it up and I play it too. So does a couple of other members on Escape.
  3. SCE_Mimosa


    I'm down for it if this is going to be a thing.
  4. If anybody out there is a League player, Season 6 just ended and season 7 is about to start and I would like to make a SCE based team for League ranked. I am a Silver V and I want to push into gold this year or maybe even platinum. I'm a mid laner and all I would need for team of 5 would be a ADC, support, Jungler, and a top. The jungler position might be filled by my brother who is not in the clan. If anyone is interested my League summoner name is Macaquee.
  5. My mind is completely blown that something like this exists.
  6. Can anyone tell me a couple of good reasons to get Overwatch? I do play WoW and Diablo as well as their new MOBA Heroes of the Storm, but I have a little suspicions about getting their first ever First Person shooter. Too me it looks like it can get a little monotonous, it seems like their are only a few missions or maps that you can do with a little bit of objectives. I've seen some gameplay on it on youtube, and when it first came out I was able to play a little bit of it and to me it seemed like it was an updated version of Team Fortress 2, or to my own opinion it's really just a crossbreed between Dirty Bomb and Team Fortress 2. Is it worth it?
  7. This was so much fun
  8. We're currently playing it right now if anyone wants to join
  9. I have the game and willing to diffuse if anyone wants to be my expert.
  10. What's up guys, it's Mac, I'm looking for people to play with on a new game I came across that is pretty fun Game is called Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. The game is pretty simple and complex at the same time. It's like a party and team work game combined. One person looks at a bomb and tells other people about what's on the bomb, and the other people are reading a manual on how to diffuse it. There's different levels to the bomb and different challenges to diffuse it. The only catch is, the bomb expert can't look at the bomb, and the person diffusing the bomb can't look at the manual. I bought the game and have a few people to play with but was wondering if anyone in SCE want to try it out. You can look at the instructions on Let me know via forums or I'll be chilling in Teamspeak and hit me up there.