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  1. SCE_Eagle1


    OK so I checked out ARGO. nice game but very hard, you definitely need a group that knows hwo to play together. I finally checked out ARMA 3. yes I am now an ARMA 3 player I held off for the longest time since operation flashpoint was a complete disaster for me. this game has come a long way. anyways bought the full game with all DLC's except jets for 23$ I also bought operation cold front for 99c
  2. SCE_Eagle1


    ok I was looking at the videos for each and reading reviews ARGO and ARMA 3 are very similar. Argo does have a little nicer graphics with smoother visuals argo allows for 5v5 or 10 coop.
  3. SCE_Eagle1


    looking at this game too. looks like an updated arma. its from the same makers any thoughts on this ?
  4. Does anyone still play this how is the game/graphics the video looks cool.
  5. awesome, now maybe we can play during the nights now Stress/Anxiety/Anger when you have a shitty job can physically take a toll on the physical body. some things are not worth it. If you are in a job like this use it for the money but make it temporary until you get something better.
  6. ain't nobody wanna play that gay ass shit
  7. I don't think so but makes me wonder if it was related somehow
  8. ok so I get on for the first time in like two months due to my connecting issue with TS. and within 5 or 10 minutes I had to finally ban 3 fucks for spamming the server all from the rust group for 5 hours. does this happen alot? makes me wonder why/how I got banned. especially since everyones IP is visible.