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Pic of your very first PC

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While this picture is predominantly of my second build, my first build is the off-white tower sitting on the adjacent desk to the left.  My first build was completed in 2002 and my second was completed in 2007.

And yes, that is an old version of the SCE website on the screen.


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Guest Hammy

First PC- TRS 80

Pyramid 2000 is the game that hooked me on gaming on the PC.

It first only had cassettes and would later have a 5 and 1/4" floppy drive!



Second PC - TRS 80 Model 4



Third PC - IBM PC  (dont know the model) running windows 2.0

I cant find an accurate picture of it.

Fun fact- I played the very first version of Flight Simulator on this PC which had a game mode called The Red Baron that pit you against WW2 pilots


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I don't have pictures of my actual computers, but these will do.

First "computer" I ever owned:

Magnavox Odyssey 2

Magnavox Odyssey 2, really just a glorified game machine, but it had some basic computing functions like a calculator and I think a basic text editor.

After that, I got this:


Commodore 64.  Good times here.  Started out with just a tape drive for it.


You could save and load programs from tape in about 45 minutes.  I had an issue of Byte magazine that included a game (Caverns of Cosmi) that was included with the magazine as columns of assembly code in the page margins.  It took me months to get it all typed in and saved.  Had to restart more than once.  Typing, leaving the computer on overnight and hoping the power didn't go out... Finally got it finished and saved, I think I played it twice.  It was frustrating having to wait so long to load the game. 


Eventually I got a 1541 disk drive and was able to get some other games and a word processor(Speed Script) and I started writing erotic stories with carefully places descriptive characteristics that could be replaced with a search and replace command.


Coupled with my dot matrix printer and a box of pin fed paper, I started selling stories to other people at school.  Just give me the name of the girl you want in the story, her hair color, eye color, how big her boobs are, etc and I'll whip you up a "custom" erotic story for your fap material.  $5 a shot, I think I made something like $400 that year.

I did have a VicModem for a while.


Plugged right into the accessory slot on the Commodore 64.  I remember dialing in to the Compuserve BBS system from home and playing games for hours.  It was only later that my mom discovered that I had dialed the closest number I could find (which turned out to be Las Vegas), and ran up a $700 phone bill.  That was more or less the end of my modeming.

Eventually my mom got a computer to run her business.  This was really the first truly functional computer I ever had access to beyond the Apple II in the library at school.


Mom only used it for business so it only had a monochrome monitor, 256 shades of gray though.  This beast had an 8MHz 8086 processor, 640KB RAM, and a 20MB hard drive, as well as one of the first commercially available 3.5" 1.44mb floppy drives.  I think she paid about $3200 for it.

I saved for weeks to buy Falcon, by Spectrum Holobyte.  Man, I wasted so many hours playing that game, mostly because it had a frame rate of about 4 FPS.


I started learning Lotus 1-2-3, and dBase III to help out in my mom's business.  Eventually I went on to teach Lotus 1-2-3 and dBase III at Charter College (avoid that company like the plague folks).

At some point I acquired a Timex Sinclair 1000.


I really don't remember how I came to have it in my possession, but I'm pretty certain that one of my friends stole it from somewhere and left it at my house to keep his parents from finding it.

The first computer I bought with my own money was a Packard Bell PB500.



Bought that bad boy at Price Savers (early contemporary to Costco and Sam's Club).  It lasted about 5 months before it just stopped working.  Honestly the worst computer I ever saw.

Who remembers these?


This was one of my favorite things to read.  Flip through page after page of vendor selling computer parts and custom built PCs.  1MB hard drives for $1000.  Custom build "business computers" for $7995.  It was pure porn.

I saved for a long time and finally bought a custom computer from a company that I can't remember, but it was amazing.  80286 with a math co-processor, 2MB of RAM, dual floppy drives, a 20MB Seagate ST251-1 hard drive, and a 256kb Paradise video card.  I bought a 14" VGA monitor to go with it.  I was the envy of all my friends.

These are just my humble beginnings.  The story grows from there, chasing the ever elusive dopamine rush from having a new gizmo or gadget before any of my friends.

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1 hour ago, SCE_Wraith said:

Spets, is it bad that my first reaction is to say, "god you're old," and then "thank you for making me feel young again."  😆

Shit.... I was thinking, "man I remember that shit" and then "damn I remember having those in the school "Computer Lab" and reading that Computer Shopper thinking of what might come in the future".  Then finally I realize I'm not quite as old as Spets, but damn those were the days.

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I for sure don't have my own picture of it, nor do I still have it. My first PC was a IBM PS/1 running the very robust Windows 3.1.


I had several King's Quest games, Sim City/Sim City 2000, Doom, Doom 2, and of course Minesweeper.



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