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Cels and I are looking at doing some duo comps in pubg. I have registered SCE on http://gll.gg I'll also be looking for players to do squad comps if we are able. Nothing super serious but some low level comps still have payouts up to 10k. So what the hell, why not try. Hit me up if you are interested, as we will need to train/practice once a team has been formed.




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Good luck people. I retired from competitive gaming in 2013, no time to practice and honestly- I'm aging out of the reflex game. 

No time to practice + age related shit = #suckmore

If you guys practice 5 days a week and keep it organized that should place you at top 10 nearly every time. 

SCE's Insurgency Team 

@SCE_Spetsdod @SCE_Speaker @SCE_Anikira @SCE_The Fuzz @SCE_RabidDog  @SCE_Hammy (and SCE Breeze who retired from gaming altogether to raise his family) I know we had several backups that were on Team B who subbed in when people were working as well. Apologies if I missed you

Practice was 3-5 days a week, we were undefeated in approx 40 matches. I'm guessing because I cant remember if we played each team 2x or 3x (10 teams in the ladder if I remember correctly).

2 years of kicking ass, to the point that the league fell apart and there were only 4 teams left when we decided to fold.


Wishing you guys the same achievement and fun that we had


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