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This is something of a loaded question.  What kind of games are you interested in?  Apparently not Ark/Atlas/Rust.  😃

If you have a Nintendo Switch, Star Atlas is amazing.  

If you are interested in MMO/MMORPGs, there are more than a few of those to choose from, Star Trek Online being one that as I recall actually has a pretty damn good F2P model, where you aren't completely crippled if you don't pay for premium.  LOTRO is another older title with a good F2P tier as well if you prefer a fantasy setting.  Of course there is always WoW, if you aren't obsessively compelled to min/max and raid, or aren't bored of it.

There are a number of good FPS games out and available to play.  If you prefer to avoid the mainstream, check out Insurgency: Sandstorm.  It's built on the updated Insurgency engine, but has been updated to newer mechanics and gameplay.  Of course there is always Rainbow Six: Siege, or any of the billion Call of Duty / Battlefield games out there if that floats your boat.  New on the horizon, but still in alpha, check out World War 3 ( or look on Steam.  Day of Infamy is a good WW2 based shooter if you like such things, also on Steam.

If you like casual easy games, check out Kingdoms and Castles on Steam.  It's a small low poly "town building" game set in medieval times.  It's nothing spectacular, but it's well done, fun to play, and easy on the budget.

RimWorld is a lot of fun.  Prison Archetect.  Factorio is good I'm told, although I haven't played it.

If you haven't played through either or both of the Dishonered games, they are lots of fun.  The Sniper Elite series is great.  As it turns out, Sniper Elite V3 is one of the games in the February Humble Bundle monthly but I already have it so I have a spare key that I am going to find a fun way to give to someone in SCE (some kind of contest or fun thing).

Do you want only new AAA titles, or are you good with old gold gems from yesteryear?

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